December 18, 2010


Here is the problem I have with Sean Penn. And Oliver Stone. And a lot of those who are blind on the left eye instead of the right. Running around the media, the always tout Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as one of the grand barriers against the rise of corporate-fascist America and China, and that he is one of them benevolent types, you know, like your grandfather trying to make everything just right in his country.

Bull. Shit.

Chavez just had his own parliament cut off its balls by stating that El Presidente (hey, we haven't heard that one in a while, like, oh, I don't know, the 1960s...) now has the power to rule by decree. It's an emergency, you see, and democracy is under attack by that Jew who burned down the Reichstag, no wait...

...different time and place, that was, but the same principle.

Isn't it funny how absolute power always comes into play to "save democracy"? To save the "country"?

But hey, this whole Chavez decree thing has a time limit.

18 months. In whcih he can do whatever he wants.

18 months. That's a fucking long time in politics.

Oliver? Sean? Can I hear something from you about that? No? Oh, well, Oliver is probably too busy blaming the Jews for everything, and Sean is likely in Haiti somewhere and incommunicado. Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

How easy it is to disregard the truth, whenever it reveals something that you don't like. It's why people seeking the truth, about everything and al, are usually hated by everyone. Or no, let me re-phrase that. They are loved as long as they only expose things that your side likes, like the imperial machinations of the American government, the willingness of the European governments to go along with it. But watch out. Watch out what happens when an organisation like WikiLeaks takcles the other side of the aisle.

How many will then still support them, I wonder?

The truth not only sets you free, the truth hurts.