December 8, 2010


Ever since the rape allegations broke onto the global scene, I have been desperately trying to find an article, any article that makes it clear what exactly the charges were. It's that word. Rape. One of the worst words in the English, hell, in any language.

Julian Assange is wanted, is the focus of an international manhunt (notice how it is never a "woman"hunt?) because of rape cahrges filed against him Sweden. Only they weren't filed as much, they were told, without filing, to the police, then were cancelled by another prosecutor, then were on again by a third prosecutor. That alone makes the whole situation worthy of investigation, doesn't it? And by that I don't mean setting up a conspiracy theory of super-awesome CIA agents putting the man into a honey trap.

His cock and cockiness put him into that trap.

But still, rape.

It conjures up a certain image, that word does, because deep down, in our heart of hearts, we all know what rape is, right? It's the violent taking of a woman's (or man's) right to choose who to boink. It is forcing yourself upon somebody else, without mercy, without doubt, witthout even the most remote idea of the fact that what you are doing is wrong. Rape. It is the image of a man with a knife to your throat as he enters you violently, ripping apart your dry vaginal skin as he pushes, as he forces himself inside you, violating you, taking away your basic human dignity in the process.

Rape. That is what has been repeated over and over again in the global media when it comes to Julian Assange and the two women in Sweden.

And here's where it gets scary. Because as I said many times on this blog, language... it is kind of important. It only works as a means of communication, if everybody uses it, understands it, accepts it in the same way. Assange - so the media - is accused of having raped not just one, but two women.

That doesn't just make him a rapist in the mind of those who listen.

No, it makes him a serial rapist.

Put him to jail, and good riddance! Yes, because we all know what rape looks like, don't we?

And so I went out and looked hard, for the original filed charges, for something about those two women, for something about what really happened there. I did find stuff over the past couple of months, but most of it was conspiracy theories, most of it was stuff that tried desperately to show some kind of CIA connection worthy of one of the better Oliver Stone movies.

But other than that?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Until last night. When Richard Pendlebury of the Daily Mail summarised, quite eloquently, what has apparently happened in Sweden. It doesn't paint Julian Assange as a nice man. In fact, in paints him as self-centered, in love with his own image and not above fucking every piece of tail willing to come his way.

Wait, did I describe Assange here? Or every other rock and pop star in the universe?

Both women were apparently (and through messages on their Twitter accounts and other stuff) quite infatuated with Assange. Hey, the dude is somewhat of a celebrity. And in love with himself. And full of himself. I don't think anybody who's seen him talk would dispute that. He is loud, he is rude, he is borish.

No, wait, that was me.

Still, Assange not only boinked the first woman (twice), he boinked the second woman, too, and quite possible during the same time period. That makes him a cat. Not a rapist. But a player. Or a dick. Take your pick.

Then the charges become even confusing. Apparently, in Sweden sex without a condom can be construed to having deceived the sexeé, so to speak, which in turn makes that... rape. Wha? Excuse me, but wha? Sex without a condom - as fucking retarded as that is, especially in a one-night-stand - is now rape? Let me tell you when that would be rape. If an HIV-infected husband or boyfriend forces yourself on you, or knowingly deceives you, after having been infected somewhere. Then it would, could, should be not only called rape, but also reckless endangerment. Is that what happened here?

Uh, apparently no.

And we just had one of those cases in Germany, where a German FEMALE pop star wilfully deceived her lovers about her HIV. And you know what? Even though she infected one of them, she got off easy. She got off with a slap on the wrist in court, a fine and a deferred sentence. Wow, must be good to be a woman, right?

But still, rape. That is what the world has been led to believe is what Assange did. If that was Pendlebury describes in the article is what happened, then I say we need to issue arrest warrants for Mick Jagger, for Steven Tyler, for Robbie Williams, hell, for every major rock and pop asshole who ever fucked around while being a dick. Not to mention every other lying and cheating bastard on the planet, male or female alike.

Some may say (some indeed have) that is not fair, not right to put the accuser on the stand and rip them to pieces. And there is something to be said for that. Something... but not much. As I stated before on this blog, rape is one of the worst charges you can bring against a man. As opposed to nearly every other charge, rape makes you immediately guilty in the eyes of the public. And there is barely anything you can do to defend yourself, other than "I didn't do it".

And who will believe you?

You are a ... man. Men rape.

Don't you know that? We raped and frolick our way through countless of women. It's who and what we are, in the eyes of feminists everywhere. It's the most horrible charge you can imagine, if you are an innocent guy. It leaves you defenseless, in the eyes of the public and the eyes of the court. And all over sudden there is no longer a burden of proof, no... you will have to prove the unprovable. That you did have sex with that woman, but that it was consentual.

And apparently, in Sweden, you rape somebody by... cheating.

In Sweden, apparently, you rape if you don't put on a condom (which beckons the question, hell, girl, did you not notice that he didn't have a condom on? Did he then force himself onto you? Were you afraid for your life? No.. apparently this all become just an issue when you figured out the due was double-timing you. And while I believe that is a dickish move, it does not rise to the level of rape. Nor should it.)

However, having said all that, it doesn't change the fact that Assange is an idiot. Two-timing? While you are on the run? Mister, this ain't the Assange Boy Band European Tour of 2010 (tee shirts will be available soon). This is the most powerful governments in the world, hunting you down, hating you for what your organisation has done to them, using every angle in the book to get your ass.

And you cannot keep it zipped up?

Are you fucking stupid?

When you are at war (and make no mistake, you are) with every major government and corporation on the planet, you don't fuck around and give them ammo. You are a good, little boy and masturbate daily. You know, like the rest of us single people do. And you don't...

... you never...

.. engage in groupie fucks. You ain't Mick Jagger, you idiot. You ain't Brad Pitt, even though you may hope he will play you in the eventual movie. You're a guy who has started something. You're a guy with a target on your back. You're a guy that I would not get onto a plane with. You're that guy.

And you are an idiot.