December 13, 2010


Yes, this is one of those female artists who was essentially a one-wit wonder, uh, one hit wonder, and she predates that whole 1960s style music that then was done by Amy Winewhore and Duffy Puddy several years later, when the market was geared towards a revival.

But when Misty Oldland did "A Fair Affair", she was kind of unique on the scene, with her soul-type song and a somewhat masculine, very sexy looking fashion sense. Admittedly the kind of woman who I am immensely attracted to, but what wowed me was that the rest of her album "Supernatural" lived up to the single, and even though a quick check on Amazon seems to indicate that it has vanished from everywhere but specialty sellers, I say, go and look for it. If you like clubby, jazzy "bring me a cocktail and then maybe dance with me slowly" type music, then Misty's your gal.

She was also one of those artists who I actively tried to look for in the following years, but this was in the early infancy of the internet, where inofmration was sparse, and downloads of emails took longer through a 2800 baud modem than it would take to download an entire TV episode today.

So just now (I mean, literally now) I found out that there was a second album, but that this second album was only released in Japan in 1997, even though the first album enjoyed quite some success in Europe in 1994. So, hm, music executives, got to love them, right?

And by love them, I mean take the biggest caliber gun and blow their brains out.

And they wonder why people started file-sharing?

Anyway, Misty's apparently been very active in recent years on the internet, at her own website. And once I have some time, I'll se if I can buy her songs. So should you.