December 6, 2010


Click on the link here to go to the Huffington Post, where you will see Republican Fascist Mitch McConnell calling assagne and by asociation everybody who is working with WikiLeaks a terrorist. But you know what is even better?
McConnell tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that he hopes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be prosecuted for the disclosures. And he says that if it's found that Assange hasn't violated the law, then the law should be changed.
Yes, that is right, class. Even if the already fascist laws in place are not enough to convict him, even if it were found that Assange didn't violate any law, then fuck it, let's change the laws and prosecute him and WikiLeaks retroactively.

With Bill O'Reilly being the Julius Steicher (don't know who that is? Look. It. Up.) of modern America, calling openly for assassinations (not that he is the only one), Americans needs to either come out in full force and stop deluding themselves that they have an inherent, divine right to an empire or accept that they and their new leaders are exactly what the world has feared they are for the past couple of years.

They are Nazis. Yes, you heard that right. I can call them that. Now I can. And excuse me while I wash out my mouth. The US government and a distrubingly large portion of the American public has no problem, let me repeat, no fucking problem whatsoever with torture, with aggressive warfare, with lying, with corruption, with a whole host of things that are at their best mindboggling and at worst, inhuman.

But Thomas, you will say now, look at Russia, look at the Arab states, look at China. Aren't they...

... what? You mean worse? Of course they are, but not by much. Not anymore. Yuu have lowered yourself onto a level, where you are now on eye level with Putin and the corrupt, hypocritical, murderous Saudi Arab royal family, you are on eye level with exploitative and demeaning China, and hey, if that isn't a cause for celebration, then I don't know what else is.

Only you weren't supposed to be that.

You were the ones who were supposed to be better.

You were the ones who were supposed to stand, not proudly, but defiantly against the wave of human rights abuses, against murder, against government control, against corporate control.

But you are not.

You are a nation that is still in lock-step with the worst principles of human history, only you have not dropped your mask openly. No. WikiLeaks did that for you. And whoever it was who gave them the documents that showed that you don't give a shit about treaties (hey, Britain, we will use clusterbombs whenever the fuck we want to, and fuck what we signed), that showed that you bullied the German government into siding with you on the persecution of an - admittedly crazed - German national, who was then kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned, that showed how you bullied the British into conveniently overlooking the war crimes of every Bush government official up to and incluiding Bush himself when they did their inqueries.

Of course Julian Assange is a terrorist to you.

Of course WikiLeaks is a terrorist organisation to you.

Because they have shown you something. They have shown you something worse - to your structure, to your corruption - than 9/11 ever was. They have shown you that, from this moment on, none of you are safe. That somebody will record your "secret" talks, your "secret worldview", that somebody will have the courage to give it to the public. You are figuring out that most poignant of proverbs.

People shouldn't be afraid of their governments.

Governments should be afraid of the people.

In one aspect, the fascists around McConnell, around Lieberman, around even Black Barry himself are right. This is war. This is us against you. Against your lies. Against your backroom deals. Against the way you all rule this world. We want the truth. We deserve the truth.

We can handle the truth. It is you who cannot.

Democracy cannot function without it.

The truth, boys and girls.

And if that makes us terrorists... then I'd be proud to be called one.

And so should you.