December 7, 2010


And since we are on the subject of bloody brilliant songs from muscials, I am saying "what the hell" and show you what I was talking about when I was referencing The Lion King.

Has there been a better encapsulation of the playfulness of youth vs. the somewhat crusty grownup attitude of "wait a little"? Of course, within the context of the movie it is almost a negative foreshadowing of what is about to happen, with Simba (Kimba. Look it up) thinking being king is all roses, no shit. Just like when you are young you think that being an adult is all the good stuff. Like, staying up late. Driving around in a car. And just generally doing shit.

Until you are grown up. And you realise that this wasn't quite what was advertised.

Yep. But until I am grown up, I still am going to sing along. You should, too, if only to remember how it once was, and how it once felt. When you thought you couldn't wait to be king.