December 12, 2010


According to, we all have very likely undiagnosed mood disorders!
Creative people may also have higher rates of mood disorders; about 9% reported an episode of major depression in the previous year.

In men, it’s the job category most likely to be associated with an episode of major depression (nearly 7% in full-time workers).

“One thing I see a lot in entertainers and artists is bipolar illness,” says Legge. “There could be undiagnosed or untreated mood disorders in people who are artistic…. Depression is not uncommon to those who are drawn to work in the arts, and then the lifestyle contributes to it.” 
Quick! We need to diagnose! We need to treat it! It's a fucking illness, creativity is, and dear god, we cannot have that, not in our sobered up, drugged up, hopped up Soma Society! You know what that is called, Sherlock? That thing you call depression? Or bipolarity? It's usually the drive, the madness, the thought that needs to be released, needs to be expressed, needs to grow and fly.

In Germany, the psychiatrist Dr. Manfred Lütz just recently wrote about a book about apparently unending quest of stupid idiots who claim that normality, that the norm is somehow the thing to aspire to. His conclusion? It is the "normal people who are the problem." 

The norm. The statistical average. The good little worker bee. Who has so far in human history always backed dictatorships? The "normal people". Who has in all of human history backed slavery, backed racial hatred, back religious insanity? The "normal people".

Normal is not a state of mind. Normal is nothing more than the acceptance of the broadest number of society. Wow. Is that really something to aspire to? To be a member of the mediocrity? To be the one who doesn't think, you doesn't stand up and ask relevant questions? To question authority? To question everything? And that is worth something? To then be looked at by your neighbour as "relatively harmless?"

Have you ever noticed that it is these people, the quiet ones, the ones who apparently seem to fit in everywhere, who you pass by without giving them a second glance, they are usually the ones who wind up with chopped up body parts of little girls in their basement? Have you ever noticed that it is the "normal people", the "good people", who are the first in line for any kind of hateful rally? Who know that being different from them is indictment enough, burn the fucking witches on the pile, shaft the nigger slaves, kill the Jews, they are not like us, they are not...


Maybe the retards at Health. com (and various other, pharamceutically funded people), with their degree mill diplomas and their double digit IQs should take a long, hard look at themselves. And wonder, why is it so important to be happy? Huh? Yes, happiness can give you a simple state of mind. Happiness makes you not think.

Happiness is a drug, bio-chemically speaking.

It's a good one, and it now comes in not only bottles and syringes and little vials of Columbian marching powder, no, it also comes with a prescription. Well, it's not quite happiness, but it is the next best fucking thing. It's mental silence. It's your internal EEG going on flatline. It is the loss of the ability, yes, it is an ability, to be pissed off, to be angry, to wonder, to wander around, to look at everything around you and ask questions.

Happiness is acceptance. Of your situation, your station in life.

Me? Hell, I'll take my depression with two sugars and some milk, thank you very much.