December 16, 2010


While the Imperial Forces (and yes, we can call them that now, raise your hands, you all in the Obama administration, start practicing that "Sieg Heil") desperately are trying to trump up charges against WikiLeaks to show us all that this is indeed the United World of America, that the Pax Americana is one that gets forced down your throat by a fist, and that the laws of the world only count when it is either in the favour of the government and/or the corporations paying for that government...

... with the latest attempt to bring Assange into America (oh, hell, probably into that already closed "off shore" torture camp that Mr. Obama has found to be useful, after all) being "conspiracy charges". Let us roll that off our tongues together, shall we, boys and girls? Conspiracy charges. They only have to (a) keep putting enough pressure on the alleged leaker Bradley Manning, and they are, and (b) make that guy say - in exchange for a reduced sentence, likely - that Assange ordered/told him/convinced him/persuaded him to steal the data. And presto! A conspiracy is born! Who are the conspiracy theorists here? Come on, now...

... while the lawfulness of our governments is apparently (and has been for quiite some time) non-existent, there are a few news organisations and human rights organisations that are stepping up to the plate, at least in Germany, while in America, an alarming choir of "journalists" is still wishing for Assange's assassination. They are the left-wing liberal Tageszeitung (TAZ), the Frankfurter Rundschau, Der Freitag, and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECHR).

Considering that taking a stand will land you on a black list, considering that taking a stand will limit your access, not only to American governmental sources, but also to German sources, these newspapers and organsiations are to be applauded.

Because this is what is at stake. Not merely one man, not only one organisation, no, the entire foundation of democracy is under attack. By those we elected to protect it. By those who we trusted. By those who show what exactly they think about fundamental rights.

Who have told us, "fuck you."

The German news organisations mentioned above have realised that a state is not there to exist, that a state indeed has no right to exist, if the governed do not know, are told they have no right to know what their governments are doing in the names of their citzens.

They have that right, must have that right to make an informed choice at the ballot box the next time an election comes along. And yeah, I know, elections are such pesky things. Let's get rid of them, right? Let's be China! Come on, you know that is what you guys want, right?

To those in every government who are lying, who are covering up the truth, who are without legitimation (because, hell, we didn't vote for that, at least us in the rest of the world, didn't, and fuck the Faux News viewer/voters), let me say this.

We are coming for you.

You may control the weapons. You may control the soldiers. The police. The intelligence agencies.

But guess what?

You no longer control the information. Not anymore.
We are coming for you.