December 7, 2010


Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein ran today to The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page to call for the prosecution of Assange under the Espionage Act of 1917.  Legal experts overwhelmingly believe that any such prosecution under that law would be extremely difficult and "extremely dangerous," but that's of no concern to the Surveillance-State-protecting, Iraq-War-supporting, defense-contractor-plutocrat:  the "liberal" Democratic Senator from California.  To argue this, she invokes the most tired and simple-minded platitude beloved by all those who want to curtail basic press and speech freedoms:  "Just as the First Amendment is not a license to yell 'Fire!' in a crowded theater, it is also not a license to jeopardize national security." 

Every line of pro-prosecution rationale cited by Feinstein applies equally to journalists -- including especially the newspapers from around the world which are publishing all of the same diplomatic cables as WikiLeaks is, and which are publishing them before WikiLeaks even does.   How can it possibly be that WikiLeaks should be prosecuted for espionage, but not The New York Times, or The Guardian, or any other newspaper that publishes these cables?

In 2006, Alberto Gonzales threatened to prosecute The New York Times for revealing Bush's illegal NSA program, and The Weekly Standard ran numerous articles calling for the prosecution of NYT journalists and editors under the Espionage Act for having done so.  Bill Bennett demanded the prosecution of The Washington Post's Dana Priest for revealing the CIA black sites.  How can all the Good Democrats who condemned that mentality possibly not condemn Dianne Feinstein and those who think like her?  What's the difference?
Read the rest at one of the few good guys' blog, Glenn Greenwald. Make no mistake, people. We are at war. Democracy is in danger of disappearing completely. We are at war.  And we are losing. And so it is up to us. Each and every single one of us. If you can host a mirror site for WikiLeaks, do so. If you can contribute in some other way, do so.

Speak about it. Speak up. Stand up.

Tell them. You are the Facebook generation. You are the Twitter generation. You may have used these tools so far for your own pleasure, for your own benefit. But now it is up to you. This is your fight. This is our fight. This is a fight for the very things that define us. Freedom and truth.

Spread it. Tell your friends. Tell them all.

You cannot stop the signal.