December 9, 2010


It may mean little, but it's a start, and it doesn't cost you anything other than signing your name to show you are against the witch hunt that has been initated against WikiLeaks for their exposure of governmental and corporate crimes that - and this is the really revolting part - has not even led to criminal charges against those that have been exposed.

Instead, every government on this planet is hunting down those who have done what the governments themselves should have done, but hey, that's too much to ask from the corrupt cocksuckers who make laws that make themselves untouchable. How is that retarded war criminal doing in Texas? How is is book of lies and criminal cover-ups selling in America, eh? Why isn't he in  the Hague?!

That's right, because Black Barry and his corporate cocksuckers are protecting him.

Right now, boys and girls, journmalistic (yes, fucking right, journalistic) organisations like WikiLeaks are our best, maybe even last defense from turning the world of the 21st century into a a re-run of the 19th century, only on a global scale.

And if you want to know how that looks like look at China, and look at how China behaves in Africa (which is not a country, Sarah Palin, you stupid loudmouthed little cunt)