January 9, 2011


Well, didn't I tell you in my post on Mark Twain the other night that in about twenty years time, it would be Bristol Palin sitting there in the Fox News Holographic Studio and scream and shout and look just like her mother while she is distorting the reality of the world?

She is on her way. In what some say is publicity casting, a radio station in Phoenix has offered her a show. Because she is such a natural talent. Natural talent in what exactly? I sure have no idea, but this is how these things go when quality and reserach and standards no longer apply to a system that is completley broken. It's when personal favouritism wins every time, and publicity stunts are what make the world go round.

In the wake of the shootings in Tuscon, Arizona (I am starting to believe that maybe, just maybe the heat is getting to folks in Arizona and Texas, and perhaps they are not using enough A/Cs to cool themselves down), I am wondering how long it will take to get the "Reload" campaigns of her mother to stop. Do I believe that will happen? No. No, I don't.

I have long foretold on this blog that something like this was bound to happen. You could have seen it years ago, and it was a miracle that it didn't happen before, you know, when people came armed to Black Barry's appearances.

But it won't change anything.

Just as people speaking out against nepotism don't change anything. How do I know this?

A bit back, the national goalie of the German soccer team, Robert Enke, committed suicide. Having been pressured for a long time, he finally broke, that man who tried his best to do what we all do, put a brave face on things and keep on going. But in the stadiums, people chanted. In thes tadiums, people cheered. And while that man was already depressed, he tried his best. He had a daughter. He tried his best.

Until, one night, he walked into a train on purpose.

There was much shock! And many commentators rushed out the way they are rushing out now, telling us to understand the pressures in the stadiums, especially for gay soccer players, for soccer players with a different skin, the venomous hatred that poured onto the fields by those who proclaim themselves "fans" and by those who report about this multi-trillion business in the media.

It has to stop, they said. It has to stop right here and now, they said. We are at a crossroads, they said. And we will no longer use inflammatory language, and the fans will be better. Everything you hear right now in the wake of the Arizona shootings.

And half a year later, as these things go, all returned to the state before. Fans were hateful against the team's coaches, stood in front ofg the busses and threw things. Black soccer players were called niggers in the stadiums of other teams in order to hurt them, to make them neverous, shouts and chants repeated, rising and falling, thrown out there, thrown up by people who never ever bothered to look up what the word means (and who very likely have never read Mark Twain). And if you are gay? Stay the fuck in the closet, because as many inside the soccer clubs say, "football is no sport for gay men", because as we all know, gay men are feminine and break after you look at them the wrong way.

Nothing changed.

Nothing will change here, either.

There will be a few weeks, at the very most, when this will be headline news, when the pundits and commentators, when the politicians and political prostitutes come together and tell you, the regular public, that they have understood. That things will be better. That it is up to you now.

And then it will slowly die. That understanding. That breath, it will slowly leave the room, the studios and the airwaves, and with that next breath, the one they will take in after holding it for the next few weeks and months, that next breath will be filled with the same old venom.

Why? Because that is what our culture has become. It's okay to torture, as long as it is not us. It is okay to forget the law, as long as it doesn't hit us. It is okay to order kills and assassinations, as so many in American politics have done against people like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning... as long as it is not us.

It is a cultural devolution on such a massive scale that it only shocks for a moment, and even that shock is turned into a non-stop game of etnertainment, with minute-by-minute updates and spectacle commentators who have nothing to say, but fill the airwaves with emptiness.

And Bristol Palin is on her way.

Twenty years, people, at the most.

Because she is the future. A future that you are allowing to happen.