January 11, 2011


See, in a sane society the incredibly stupidity of Jared Lee Loughner's rampage would have been the cause of some sane and rational discussion about guns. So far, of all the politicians, only New York's mayor Bloomberg did remind us all of the senseless wave of gun-related murders that happen daily in the United States.

Yes, that is right. Nobody else has even given it some thought. Black Barry in the White House? Nah. Of course not. Hey, he probably's just glad that he doesn't have to deal with it, in this heated atmosphere. And the response elsewhere?

Hey, Congressmen Jason Chauffetz of Utah (R) and Democrat Heath Shuler, they have decided to go to political rallys now armed themselves. To "protect" themselves. Really? I mean, really?

Are you people insane?

Let me tell you a few things about a situation like this, from a military point of view. A rally, a meet'n'greet at a corner is an entirely civilian situation. You are surrounded by civilians. You are surrounded by women and children.

That gun you are carrying, Congressmen?

Will not protect you. The Secret Service might protect you. Stricter gun rules, you know, like stating that nobody should be allowed to carry a gun openly and covertedly, might protect you. Even metal detectors at political gatherings might protect you.

You carrying a gun yourself?

Won't do shit or jack.

Here's how a situation like this will play. If I am the person who comes to your meet'n'greet with a gun myself, and a covert one at that, I have and will always have the upper hand, strategically, in said situation. If I am not being patted down, if I can approach you unhindered, I have five to ten seconds to pull that gun on you and fire, even at close range.

That gun you are wearing in your holster? Won't do you any good. Because I have that one strategic element you are lacking. The element of surprise. Now, if I am a madman, I will count on the fact that I won't make it out of there alive to begin with, so that typical reaction of "I must stay alive" that would be the rationale of a sane person no longer applies.

Dear Congressmen? You are dead or dying regardless.

Now, let us assume that I am an idiot (most madmen are), and I will not be able to kill you with the first two shots I fire (remember, I have five to ten seconds), and you are going to be able to pull your gun out and fire back.

The first shot or two will have created a chaos around me that is going to pale against anything you will be able to imagine in your worst nightmares. There will be people screaming. There will be people trying to run away. There will be people, men, women, children, between you and me.

You will not have a clean shot.

It doesn't matter how great you think you are at a shooting range, a real-life shooting is different. Try it out. Go to a range that allows you to have a military-style urban fight, with civilians popping up randomly. Look how good you are, and by that I mean how many civilians you inadvertendly shoot and kill. And now try to imagine somebody shooting back at you.

This isn't a movie, dear Congressmen. This will be real life.

You will not have a clean shot.

And you will shoot somebody who is innocent. That is not something that is a matter for debate, and if you think it is, then you should hand over your gun permit right now and accept me slapping your fucking wrists. You will kill or wound somebody who is innocent, who is just there to voice his or her support or his or objection.

And remember... I am a madman. I have come there with the express purpose to kill. I won't give a damn if I kill women and children along with you. I don't need to have that clean shot.

All I have to have is enough bullets to finish the job.

It is a situation you cannot win. And yet, in America, it is what so many people think they can control. Here's some news for you from a former military man. You cannot, not ever, control a gun fight, especially not at close range. Whoever told you that is mental himself.

Even in a military situation, when there's soldiers, trained men and women on both sides, you cannot control how a gun fight, especially one in an urban area, will end up. And if you still think you can, because you watched too many movies, I have a movie for you. It's called Black Hawk Down. Look for yourself. Or ask somebody. But don't think that you wander into a John Wayne set, all swagger.


There are ways to make you all safer.

There are ways of reducing the risks of shootings.

But until America grows up and understands that, do at least this -

Keep your own guns at home.