January 28, 2011


Because I want to end the week with something positive, and Labyrinth is one of my all-time favourite movies. Never was Jennifer Connelly more cute and David Bowie more sexy. Yes, I consider him hot here. And the music was beautiful. And it was Jim Henson's company at the height of its creativity. And it had Brian Froud designs. And it had a lesson that today's Twilight crap cannot even begin to touch.

Compare how beautiful the creatures here are, and by beautiful I mean how individual they are looking, how much character they have. How often do we see that these days, in the age of computer generated bullshit that is always slightly off, that never really finds the heart of things. And even if I enjoy Avatar (and I have defended it, a lot, when it came out), its beauty doesn't even come close to what you see here.

Only once more would the Henson company create something that was this intricate and beautiful, with Farscape, where all of the aliens seemed real, and even though the budget limitations showed through, you still had the feeling that this was a fully-realised universe.

Oh, and it had Gigi Edgley (the latter one, I mean). And never was an alien weirder and sexier and totally strange. But still, this here, Labyrinth, how I loved that movie when I was young.

And did I mention that it had David Bowie? Who is definitely one of those men - at least at that time - I would have gone, "oh, what the hell, it's not gay if it is you" the way mkany women of my age tell me "if it's Madonna, you are not a lesbian"

Dance, David, Dance!