January 11, 2011


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Blame Game
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As I said a few posts before, our parents (and they are good parents, go call your Mum. Go, talk to your Dad) once taught us that every life is sacred, that every life is equal, and with that should come the equal way of dealing with things that happen to them.

But that is not true. We see it every day. It is not true that every life is worth the same, not the same attention, not the same media coverage, not the same sense of loss, and while Rachel Maddow last night asked a relevant question, and that question was "how can you claim that a massacre like this in Tuscon is unthinkable, not today, not in America today", it is worth pointing out the hypocrisy of monumental proportions that is going on in the media.

Oh, we are shocked! they say.

We could have never imagined this! they say.

We should not politicise this! they say.

And here we will all go and take a very fucking long look at the following people: Sean Hannity, come on down! I will show you something! Bill O'Reilly, come on the fuck down, I will show you something!

And I will show you this.

It is not Jon Stewart on the Daily Show from last night.

It is April 28, 2007.

It is right after the Virginia Tech shootings.

Watch it. Watch it closely. History repeats. All the time.

[UPDATE] And now look at Bill O'Reilly now. I mean, the guy has it hard, it must be really hard to keep all of the different voices in his head while they talk to each other. What was that? The Liberals were responsible for the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007? And you guys were never responsible for anything, with your hateful rhetoric. Never! Ever! It was the Liberals then, it is the Liberals now. Yes. Of course. Who is responsible? Rosie O'Donnel, right? And those pesky anti-gun people! And the Commies!