January 6, 2011


I am old. Yes, old enough to still remember when MTV was standing for something, and when it was funny and sarcastic and, well, crap, but good crap. One of those who made it good crap (and the guy who had a quirky sense of humour and very likely served as the blueprint for all those TRL type bullshit that followed, but was hoted by people who never were and never could be him)?

Ray Cokes. Together with "Camera Andy" and "Nympho Nina" (barely seen, but always providing a sarcastic voice in the background), Ray Cokes made a wonderful live show called MTV's Most Wanted in the early 1990s, and he was old enough at the time...

... yes, I said it, old enough...

... to understand real humour as well as crap humour.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of those who shouldn't be forgotten, and who had more of a cultural impact in the 1990s than you might think, all across Europe, from a small TV studio in Camden. Give him a hand, will you?