January 17, 2011


Yes, it is that time again. That time in the evening when something triggers a memory, and it probably the most beautiful memory I have, I will ever have. I am not going to share it, not here, maybe never, maybe in a story someday. But it is clear and bright and beautiful. We all have a few of those. We polish them, we put them on the shelf like a photograph that seems to be able to move, if we just look at it the right way, if we can believe just strongly enough.

This song was written by Joseph Arthur a long, long time ago, but for that long, long time he never actually recorded it. So most of you might know only the Peter Gabriel version, recorded for the Princess Diana tribute CD. Since songs can be a fleeting thing and appeal to your heart, that bit of it that pounds the loudest when you close your eyes and remember, every interpretation of them is a valid one, and in this case both are brilliant in their respective arrangements.

It's a sad song, this one is, and memories are sad by nature, for despite all of the polishing, they can never become real again, scens of a life that was lived by different people in different places and different hearts.

But mine is still beating.

Close your eyes. And listen to yours.

We are still here, you and me.

And all the memories, we carry them with us.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...Peter Gabriel (below) and Joseph Arthur (above), with In the Sun.