January 27, 2011


Look at these pictures. And ask yourself. What do they all have in common? But more importantly, where's Waldo?

This is Iran, 1979

This is Tunisia, last week.

This is Egypt, today.

What do they have in common? And please don't say "young, angry Muslims", for that would only expose you as somebody truly stupid. In all of these three instances, we as the West, under the leadership of the United States of America (but with a lot of help of our British and French friends, and gosh - despite our rhetoric - the Germans were always on that side, too. Shocker, I know!) propped up tyrannical regimes in the Middle East, supported and employed torturers and allowed them to corrupt the states.

One would have thought that we may have learned something from Iran, 1979.

But we didn't. We are too exceptional for that. Is it just me, or is "exceptional" merely the politically correct term for "incredibly, woefully retarded"? And I find it hilarious, all the things that came out of the White House and the Chancellory in Berlin and all the other seats of power in the West.

Well, don't hurt the protesters, Hillary says. No, gosh, really? All over sudden you give a fuck? While you employed the same people now ripping through the crowds of their own citizenry for rendition in numerous cases? I'm sorry, honey, did old age dry up your brain? What did you think they would do? Huh?

They surpressed true democratic movements, with your help and your permission for decades. The only ones still standing against Mubarak, gosh, again, doesn't that sound familiar, the only ones there are the radical Islamists.

See how that domino falls.

Because you were all complacent, you were all complicit, and you have shown people in the Middle East more than once in their history that you don't give a fuck's ass about human rights, as long as the dictators violating them are in your pocket, while your are in turn in the pockets of Big Oil.

And this is what happens if you have the intelligence and foresight of a goldfish on crack. This is what happens over. And over. And over again.

God, sometimes I wonder if you have to be below a three-digit IQ to work for the CIA. Or the State department. Or the German foreign ministry. Don't you all look surprised now. Gosh, we never thought that would happen!

Again. And again. And again.