January 9, 2011


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

Well, okay, it was the year 2001. And I happened to find one of those DVD sets in a comic book store that were waaaaaay overpriced, because they had been imported (and to my knowedge never put out in Germany, ever) called Clerks: The Animated Series.

I still own it. I still love watching it every now and then. It reminds me of a time when Kevin Smith was still funny. And not on pot. He was witty and surreal and sarcastic, and of course this never really got off the ground. I can even understand why. In order to appreciate the humour in this, you need to know a lot of pop culture. You need to be a geek and you need to have watched far too many movies.

The Judge Reinhold sequence alone here is just priceless. Not to mention the whole George Lucas moment (absent from the video above, but done here)

Fortunately, though, some of the same people went to work on another show that I love to this day, even though it is a Disney one, and by that I mean, Kim Possible. You can see the designs of that show already in place here, and it is a good, simple design that allows both for characterization as well as action.

If you can catch Clerks somewhere, on YouTube or wherever, try and watch it. And if you can find the DVD somewhere, go and buy it (if it isn't too expensive). And then watch it again, but with Kevin Smith's commentary. It adds another layer of hilarity.

And we need some laughter in these times.

So, for now - courage.