January 17, 2011


As he said, "I did warn them".

What Ricky Gervais is doing here is not only brilliant, it is also the most daring bit of situational humor that I have seen since, well... since Stephen Colbert deconstructed his audience during the infamous Press Dinner in 2006.

And in both instances, the reaction by the audience in the room was the same. Gasps and silence. Now, Gervais, for those who know his humor, thrives on that little bit of uncomfortableness. That is what made his shows The Office and Extras such a delight to watch. And seriously, all he did was to do something that nobody does, not in these surroundings, be they celebrity-tory or political

He said what was on our mind. He did... truthiness. He took them apart and exposed them. Of course they wouldn't laugh. Of course they wouldn't love it. Kids, they have entire squadrons of people who pamper the shit out of them 24/7. And here is this British comic who doesn't do that?

Doesn't he know who he is?

Where he is?

That we can kill his career with a phone call?

Only.. they can't, because he knows he will never be one of them big ones, and that is fine with him. He knows that people in Britain love him. And so he doesn't need to care.

And hence, there is no holding back

And for that, thank you Ricky.