January 10, 2011


My, this is happening even faster than I had anticipated. First there was Sarah Palin, then there was Fox News and Megyn Kelly, now there's Tea Party founder Judson Phillips. Here is what he has to say, according to The Atlantic...
TPN founder Judson Phillips, in an article linked off the e-mail "The shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and the left's attack on the Tea Party movement," described the shooter as "a leftist lunatic" and Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik as a "leftist sheriff" who "was one of the first to start in on the liberal attack." Phillips urged tea party supporters to blame liberals for the attack on centrist Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who was shot through the head and is now fighting for her life, as a means of defending the tea party movement's recent electoral gains.
"The hard left is going to try and silence the Tea Party movement by blaming us for this," he wrote. Clinton used the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to "blame conservative talk radio, especially Rush Limbaugh" and "The tactic worked then, backing conservatives off and possibly helping to ensure a second Clinton term."
"The left is coming and will hit us hard on this. We need to push back harder with the simple truth. The shooter was a liberal lunatic. Emphasis on both words," he wrote.
Didn't I tell you? It will not stop. It will never stop. Here's a guy who immmediately tells his supporters to "blame liberals", those damn, Commie-Loving, Latte-drinking, Gun-Totin' Liberals everywhere, because otherwise Black Barry might get a second term, remember, remember, the fifth of November, no wait... different country and different political philosophy, that.

Tuscon Sheriff Dupnik called Arizona the "mecca of hatred and bigotry", where death threats have become commonplace. But he was wrong. He was too kind, too polite. He should have said that more and more states in America are becoming filled with hatred and bigotry.

Heinrich Heine, one of Germany's greatest poets, once wrote about my country "Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht". The translation would be "If I consider Germany late a night, that night will be filled with unrest and worry"

He wondered what would happen to a country he loved.

I am wondering, too. For one moment, one shiny, brilliant moment in November of 2008, we all hoped. We all saw that there could be change, and no, it wasn't because Black Barry was black or a Commie or a Kenyan Muslim. We, in the rest of the world, we hoped that Bush and Cheney, they had been aberrations, that America had woken up, that America had grown up from a petulant, greedy and frankly slightly mental child that it had devolved to in those years from 2000.

But it is now 2011. And regardless of the words, regardless of those essays and opinion pieces that are and forever will be attached to the Arizona shootings, know this. It will not change anything.

America is on the verge of a Civil War, and there is nothing that is going to be civil about it. The United States, as a country, has been perpetually stuck in a time loop, having been Germany, circa 1931, for over eight years now, in terms of internal politics and social devolution. It is not Nazi Germany, not yet, but is inches dangerously close to it, day by day, month by month, year by year. Don't think I am exaggerating here. Don't think that it could have only happened in my country, at a certain time.

I wonder, too. I wonder what has happened to the United States.

Look at yourselves, look at what you see in the mirror. Look what you allowed your country to do, in your name. Look at how people now come to political rallies with guns, with hate speech, with badly spelled posters and signs that promise violence. Look at how the virus of violence spreads, from one email to the next, Facebook entry by Facebook entry, one Fox News broadcast after another...

... crerating a parallel reality, a parallel society, a fractured country that is barely holding on under the pressure. Look at how history is changed, twisted around, made whiter, made easier to swallow, look at where this will head.

Pundits and journalists, they talk about being at a crossroads a lot these days, but they are wrong. This is not the right metaphor. You are not a crossroads, my American friends. You have passed that moment in time. Your political leaders have failed to use that opportunity to affect real change, instead glossing over things, telling you lies about the banks, about job growth, about the future.

You are no longer at a crossroads.

You are well on your way.

Of having a minority of maybe 25 percent dictate what is going to happen to your country, and I am sad to say, this does not merely affect you, for you are America. All of you, you are America. And where you go, the rest of the world will follow.

And right now, you are on your way to hell.