January 31, 2011


Oh no, you didn't!

Actually, I do. If it comes in a package like the one here, which is the little dirty brother of HBO's Rome and is called Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Okay, you may say, that is bloody old news, and you'd be right. It is bloody, it is old and it certainly was news to me. Hyper-stylized, in the 300 vein, it is unashamed of what it is. Pulp. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It combines the classic story of Spartacus, but does it so with all of the trappings of a 1930s pulp serial dragged by its hair into the 21st century and drenched in blood, sweat and other bodily fluids.

Strangely enough, it isn't the fact that it is violent that swayed me from "oh, it is a 300 clone" to "whoooohoo! I cannot believe they have the balls to do that."

It is the sex. While every other movie and TV show would have toned down the sex and cranked up the violence, this show (and hopefully, its prequel, too, which I haven't seen yet) goes down on it with the ferocity of a new lover. You know what I mean. When making love and fucking pretty much is the same thing, and your rough fingers are exploring each other without trepidation.

It also has Lucy Lawless, and she is one of those women who become more beautiful as they age. Unlike the plastic bullshit that is now the modern American actress, Lawless comes across not only as manipulative, scheming cunt (which her character is), she also brings a weight to her character that allows us to see politics brought down to its most base levels. It is fuck or be fucked, and Lawless does it all, both in dialogue and in doing the real thing.

The same holds true for her husband, played by John Hannah, and never before were there so many "fucks" in what was supposed to be Latin.

It is pulp. It doesn't pretend.

And I for one...love the show for it.