January 26, 2011


Look at this man. This man is what fascism looks like. This man is a government-employed tool who - according to the information of Der Spiegel - was not only employed by Scotland Yard in Great Britain to infiltrate "leftist" organisations that were there to protest things like the G8 meetings, he has been identified by numerous of those activists as an agent provocateur. The accusations against him and his superiors are not to be underestimated. He was retained by the German Federal Police in the running up of the G8 meeting at Heiligendamm in 2007, and there are numerous indiciations that he acted as an agent provocateur there as well.

A undercover crook, who - with knowledge and sanctioned by at least two governments, the British and the German ones - commited crimes in order to undermine the credibility of those who protested, peacefully, the global corporate domination.

This is what fascism looks like.

Take a good look.

And if you see him, spit in his face. Don't hurt him. Don't be violent against him. He is not worth it. He is human waste, piled up and given the face of a man. But he is no man. A man would not have done what he has done. Violence, that is what he did. We are better than him. We are better than the corrupt people who employ him.

Spit on him. And on those he served proudly.

That is all that Mark Kennedy is worth.