January 31, 2011


One of the things I truly love is how the title sequence of Joss Whedon's movie Serenity unfolds, from the beautiful silence of out space and the close-up on the ship's symbol, then breaking into the atmosphere and its sound breaking the musical theme. And introducing the characters in the quickest way possible. Now, I also know its flaws. As a sequel to the TV show, the characters here are a bit sketchy to somebody who has never seen Firefly (which was maybe the best TV show of the past decade, and yes, I do include the remake of Battlestar Galactica in that. I can rewatch Serenity, but canot do so with BSG).

Whereas Star Wars has gone all shiny and cute, this was probably the closest thing to what we could get, in terms of the "old" Star Wars. And Joss Whedon is one of those people - if he is really good - who knows how to write funny.

"Define interesting."

"Oh god.. oh god, we are all going to die?!"

"Hello, this is your captain speaking. We might experience some slight turbulence and then... explode."