January 25, 2011


A friend asked me my opinion on the Moscow bombing today, and other than the typical platitudes (oh, how horrible), nothing of substance entered my mind. It made me realize, once again, how closed off Russia and its politics are to us, how little of it is covered in the European and American media... and that perhaps I should have learned Russian instead of Latin in school, because I spent an hour or two today on the web, trying to educate myself on the current situation on Chechnya... and I found the reporting to be woefully superficial and entirely personalised.

So, Rambo, uh, Putin calls for a vendetta and tells people that they will find and kill the ones they haven't identified yet. Uh, okay. That is not really helpful to my understanding of the situation, and there is barely enough reliable data for me to make an informed, credible comment.

I mean, I know the meta of the situation, in the abstract, but that is just something you can glance from a Wikipedia page and not nearly enough to open my big mouth and state something.

And sometimes one must say without shame, "I don't know".

And in this case, I don't know.

But that doesn't make this post without value. In fact, more people, especially those who make decisions without informing themselves, who start wars without knowing all of the circumstances, should state that. I don't know. The acknowledgement of a lack of knowledge is nothing bad, nothing to be sneered at.

It is, however, a challenge, to try and find out more.