January 23, 2011


All you need to know about Rachel Maddow is at the end of this brief clip from Real Time with Bill Maher. Does she have her facts straight? Yes. Does she know what she is talking about? Yes.

And how does she do it, against an intellectual lightweight like Steve Moore? She pretends she is a tiny, little schoolgirl at the back of her class, going through all the motions, including standing up, thus visually undercutting everything she has to offer up to the discussion.

It is one of the most pathetic displays I have ever seen in modern media culture.

The way to deal with somebody like Moore, if you have your facts ready... is to let him finish his lie, then raise your eyebrow and cock your head slightly to the right and say, "really? I know it must be difficult for you to read statistics, because they are filled with facts, and facts are something that a brain like yours is simply not wired to process, but let me briefly give you the real numbers."

Then you don't say them. You lift the iPad that you have brought with you, because you knew - and you can, you know - what kind of bullshit these people are about to vomit verbally. And you tell the guy with the camera to pull close on your iPad's screen, where you have the graph that shows that he is lying.

Then you tell them.

You do it very calmly. You don't raise your voice. You cut through the bullshit.

You most certainly don't stand up and raise your hand like you are six years old.

Maddow is one of those who are only decent when they are in the protected seclusion of their own television studio. And that is just sad.