February 9, 2011


Yes, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Black Bush, uh, Barry Obama, this is the man that you are backing, but hey, you and your predecessors back Hosni, too, so why should you change your mind now?

Egpytian Viceroy, uh, Vice President, uh, CIA loved head of Egyptian Torture Oman Suleiman just told the Egyptian people to go to their fucking room, shut the fuck up...or else!
Egypt's protesters and opposition groups were infuriated Wednesday by a warning from Vice President Omar Suleiman that if their movement doesn't enter negotiations, a "coup" could take place causing greater chaos, as a mass demonstration in a central Cairo square entered its 16th day.

Suleiman's sharply worded warning cast a shadow over his efforts, backed by the United States, to put together negotiations with the opposition over democratic reforms. The protesters fear the regime will manipulate the talks and conduct only superficial reforms, so they insist they will only enter substantive negotiations after President Hosni Mubarak steps down.
Yes, Black Barry, this is the man you are backing. They guy who threatens to have a coup (of course not by him, no, no, just like those evil Islamists that you don't really see on Cairo's streets, it is a threat that is vague, that is designed to instill fear) if these pesky citizens don't get the fuck back to work, uh, their poverty.

Just as my admiration for the Egyptians is growing day by day for not giving up, not giving in, my distaste for the American and European "elites" is growing.

These people don't speak for me, and I hope they don't speak for you out there.

And I hope, sincerely hope, that our own youth (of which I am no longer a part of, damn me for growing older) at some point will do the same as the Egyptians do, and just to show I am that old, I hope they will "walk like an Egyptian", which now has an entirely new meaning.

For if our governments back dictators, if they deal with torturers, if they praise stability over freedom, if they praise business over human rights... then our own consitutions areworth nothing, and how long will it be until the same governments will implement some of the tired and proven Egyptian techniques on its own citizenry? We have already lost so much of our civil liberty since 2001, we have lost much of those things that we have believed in, that our children will have it better, that the system is just, that our democracies are valid. While every indicator points in the opposite direction.

If they support these "men", what kind of human beings can they be?

Why should we believe them anymore?

Why should anybody believe those who sell guns, who sell tear gas, who sell tanks and planes to regimes that then use them to oppress, to torture and kill?

The answer is simple. You shouldn't.

And I don't.