February 11, 2011


It took them 18 days, but in what must be seen as maybe the most peaceful revolution since 1989, the Egyptian people threw out their dictator of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak. Now, a lot of it is still chaotic, but I have faith in them, and if that CIA torturer Omar Suleiman thinks he can tame them, I believe he will be sorely disappointed.

Egypt proved today that freedom in the Middle East can only come from within, and not by bombs and tanks and good intentions, real or not.

To those millions who are still out on the streets, thank you. No, really. Thank you. For the past 18 days you have been peaceful. For the past 18 days you have shown to the world what the best of humanity can be. Even after they attacked you, you refused to go. Even when they began to kill you, you refused to go. You were one voice.

And to those who lost their loved ones, their friends, their husbands, their sons and daughters, their wives... I hope that all of us will remember them, that their horrible fates were not completely in vain, that they are in all of our hearts, in all of our thoughts, however little we know of them.

You have amazed us. You have touched us.

You are to be admired.