February 8, 2011


Hillary Clinton called Hosni a good friend in 2009. Israel loves his "heir" Suleiman, despite the fact that he was personally responsible for the torture regime and the rendition programs. But hey, as long as it's filthy Muslims getting tortured, what's it to us? The Obama adminsitration is still hedging their bets, hoping that the next Egyptian leader will be Suleiman, who is "our guy", just as Hosni Mubarak is "our guy". And French Prime Minister got his vacation on Hosni's dime (I won't even link to any of that, because this is all now breaking news and can be gotten from any and each major nes website).

And we wonder why they might have any right to hate us?


Let me put it this way. If we (and by "we" I mean our governments) help install Suleiman as the next F├╝hrer of Egypt to appease the Israelis and get more money for US and German weapons factories (hey, tear gas made in the USA, and Heckler & Kochs from my own country), I don't want anybody out there complain if the next revolution won't be peaceful. I won't accept any whining if the Middle East turns violent and ultra-religious. And I won't accept any show of surprise at the next terror attack.

It is amazing to me how peaceful those on the streets are. How they won't bow. How they stay there. It reminds me of the only other peaceful revolution in modern history, the one in the Eastern parts of my country. That brought down a wall. And I remember. I remember too well how fearful and how bigotted the leaders of France and especially Great Britain were at the time. Yes, Lady Thatcher, I remember you and your vitriol quite well. Can't trust the Germans. Can never trust the Germans. They will be marching again in no time.

Like now. Can't trust the Egyptians. Muslims are stupid. Muslims can't do democracy. Muslims are backwards. But how should they do it? Hm? We have sacrificed their freedoms, their hopes and dreams on the altar of oil price stability. On the altar of geo-political stability, we have shown them over and over again that their freedoms, their hopes and dreams are worth less to us than the freedoms of anyone in Europe, any single one in America, that their lives matter less than the life of a single Israeli.

We allowed them to be thrown in jail. To disappear. To be tortured. To die. For the "greater good". For our goods, and boy, aren't they great? Those SUV monstrosities that we have built on the blood of those we have denied that what we consider universal, what we consider human...

... as long as it only pertains to us.

We are good at looking away. We are so good at it that those down there, they are little more than ghosts to us. Thatn masses. Than a mob.

But they are not. They are not a mob.

They are people like you and me.