February 26, 2011


It's easy. To celebrate. And think we are important.

But we have forgotten. While we are in this bubble. With our personal assistants, our only worry being Perez Hilton.

We have forgotten.

That we are here to tell the stories of others.And that we were given this talent to speak up and not merely speak.

We have forgotten. While we are here to celebrate ourselves. We must remember that we merely act what others live. And there is pride in that. And humility.

They gave us their stories. And in turn we must give them a voice.

All of those who have no cameras on them. All of those who live quiet lives. In dignity. And hopefully, soon, in freedom.

They are the ones who live, so let us be the ones to tell their stories.

Thank you.

Good night and good luck.
I think you could do that before the music rises and they kick you off the stage, wouldn't you agree?