February 12, 2011


They stood up. They stood firm. They celebrated. And now they are beginning to rebuild their country, and again, nobody has told them to do it, there are no orders, only order, no demands, but a demanding work to be done.

As shown in this picture from Egyptian blogger Arwa Mahmoud, uploaded onto her Twitter stream, every rebuilding starts small, starts with a single stone. On and around Tahrir square. And they are doing it, despite the fact that they fought for 18 days for freedom, despite the fact that they celebrated all night.

Now there is the morning after. But no hangover. Just passion turned to compassion.

Their ancestors built several of the wonders of the world. They were the beacons of light in dark times. Examples of literacy and architecture and knowledge. How arrogant of us to assume that they are not capable of doing this again.

They are building now. Stone for stone. Brick for brick.

They are rebuilding their world. Their country.

And building. Their future.