February 14, 2011


I wish I could write more about the demonstrations that are taking place in Algeria, in Bahrain, in Yemen and in Iran, but the truth of the matter is, as opposed to when it happened in Egypt, our media doesn't seem to be able to bring us anything that the most shallow summation of the facts.

And the facts are these, that people have been shown courage, have been encouraged, have taken to the streets to be met by brute force. And we are looking away for the most part. Again. We don't care. Again. As opposed to Egypt, where we could give faces to voices, names to the struggle, people in Bahrain and these other countries are alone right now.

They are only images, and I wish I could know more, more than these images I took from this website, anonymously uploaded with good reason, for social networks are not only a tool of those who wish to be heard, they can also be quickly turned into tools for those who wish them to be silenced.

I wish them well. I wish we would continue to watch. I wish our governments would finally understand that we have to do more than pay lip service to freedom, for as long as there is one man still chained, one woman still abused, one child still starving, none of us are truly free.

To all of you in those countries, please know that not all of those are looking away.

Peace be upon you and your brothers and sister.