February 24, 2011


Sometimes, a single line can change everything.

A single word, said at the right time, can save a life. A single thought can change it. I am trying to write the third chapter of The Watchmaker's Wings, and I am having a hard time. To make it funny. To give it something that is hopeful. And will make you laugh, even when you wish to cry. And whenever I'm having a hard time, I start researching. And this research has brought me to this. To her. Again.

To Sarah McLachlan.

God and me, we need to have a chat about this some time. I think he's leading me on. And didn't I say before, he has a quirky sense of humor, that old bastard?

I always liked Full of Grace as one of the better, more hopeful songs of Sarah McLachlan. Its lyrics describe depression rather well, and by depression, I don't mean the medical definition of such thing, but rather the emotional emptiness that is inside you, that feeling that - whatever you may try - you are slipping, and the further you struggle, the more it sucks you down into the pit.

And yet, you can make it work. You can love. Full of grace.

Well, this here is the original track by McLachlan. And all seems the same. The words seem the same. The music certainly is. Except one thing. Here she sings, "I fall from grace." One line. Nothing more. And the song gives you no hope. Only sadness. One line is all it took. And I know why she must have changed it. You cannot be all alone alone in this darkness. There must be someone, something else.

And if there is, there is hope.

And if there is hope, there is grace.

And you are no longer falling.