March 26, 2011


I'm not saying this because Miss Ashmawy names me as one of her inspirations for starting a blog that - in her own words - will showcase her opinions that are longer than 140 characters, because in her case, one character, a character would suffice. She has that, character, and not merely an opinion.

I'm giving her a shout-out here, because she was one of the first who inspired me, who relentlessly did what once was the task, the job and the calling of a good editor and now has been taken over by many, but by her first and foremost.

During the 18 days of Egypt, she collected, weighted and disseminated stories, gave them to others, showed them links and those whose voices would otherwise not have been heard.

She did so without once putting herself into the foregound, as I am known to do, because unlike me, Miss Ashmawy knows that a good story needs no commentary, and if I were in a news organization right now, this is exactly the reason why I would hire her on the spot.

It takes a good eye to find what is valuable, it takes effort and hard work to keep on looking, especially in a world that is flooded with information.

And for that, I am deeply grateful to her. Many of the things I have written about are owed to her, much of the things I otherwise would not have known about... I owe to her.

And if she has an opinion or two, whether they be as short as 140 characters or as long as she wishes them to be, I can assure she is well worth listening to.

I should know.

I did.