March 1, 2011


Today was one of those rare days when you are witness to a public break-up between two stars. Or two sides that both believe themselves to be stars.

On the one hand, you have the German political media that has been so much in love with now ex-secretary of defense, Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, that they never cared enough to properly vet this man, this awesome, awful man, who looked like he was the answer to all of Germany's political problems and who at the end showed that he is the very symbols of what ails this corporatocracy.

And on the other hand you have Guttenberg.

Who doesn't blame himself for the end of his political career, how could he? For all he knows, this sociopath did nothing wrong, and by that I mean that he commited fraud, lied to the public, lied to his university, embellished his biography, threw everybody under the bus that didn't further his career, abused three dead soldiers over the past two weeks as shields against the media, and... oh yes, and he was an avid reader of Germany's tabloid, the BILD.

Even in his final moments in the spotlight, he could not, would not use that moment to apologise. See, that is the nature of sociopaths. For them, nothing they do is ever wrong. And in his final minutes, using a rather worn-out (sociopaths are also never very creative)scheme, he tried to see the seeds of what was supposed to be something us Germans call "Dolchsto├člegende". If you are not familiar with the term, it was that mythical bullshit after the end of World War 1 that allowed the eventual destruction of the Weimar Republic, stating that "the war would not have been lost, if only the home front had stood firm."

In Guttenberg's personal, school edition version of this myth, it was not him who was to blame for his downfall by committing an act of fraud by copying roughly 50 percent of his dissertation without assigning the text to its proper authors, by abusing copyright, not to mention that to these 50 percent we have to add the almost 1,200 quotes and footnotes he did use, which makes his dissertation not only fraudulent but also a joke, no... it was the relentless hounding of him by the media that just didn't leave him alone the way they had done over the two years prior.

In other words, "honey, it's you."

And to honor that sentiment, here's Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Because this much cheese should only be allowed if you are Freddie.

Nobody else.

There you go, why don't you take a little piece of my heart, now, will you?