March 4, 2011


I am a bit (okay, a lot) late to this particular party, but after I had seen the pilot to CBS' The Big Bang Theory, I was rather less than impressed. Nerds. Hot chick. Hur hur. No, not really, thank you. I am a nerd, and I am not Sheldon (despite what you may have heard from others. I do, for example, have an actual laughter and am not quite a neat freak as... oh, well okay, I am a neat freak and I have the tendency to shelve my books in order of author and then importance of the work. Sue me)

A couple of nights ago, when i was yet again insomniac, I flipped on the televsion and in Germany the show does air at an ungodly hour (in repeats) and then at another ungodly hour (daily at 11.30 AM). But I managed to watch two episodes in a row, and I did indeed have to laugh, then chuckle, then I believe I made a sound not unlike a squeaky toy, although I wouldn't be able to vouch for that and it could have been the beginning of sleep apnoe.

In the meantime I have watched about eight more episodes, and it has started to grow on me. Maybe not exactly like a fungus, although that would be the obvious comparison. Other comparisons would include prolonged drug use, hallucinatory nervous breaks and my personal favourite, the Charlie Sheen cocktail.

Anyway, I do find Sheldon to be one of the funniest characters to be invented on television, because there is one truth in this show, maybe more, but definitely one I can relate to. The smartest people in the room are also more often than not the ones who cannot figure out the obvious.

Or as Sheldon realized after he tried to "train" Penny with chocolate (quite successfully), and she got Leonard to put up her bed for her in exchange for the soon to follow hot monkey sex... "Hm. Sex appears to be working even better in the training than chocolate. I wonder why nobody has noticed that before."

That. Was. Brilliant.

Also, it is the first time at night I am willing myself not go on Twitter. I have eebn there a lot, and tried to do my little bit here and there for over a month now, and the sheer continued insanity is hurting me mentally. I cannot stop thinking about whether the people I am in contact with are safe. Like I said before, with me it's all or nothing when i open up. And I worry for them. Sure, they are people I never properly met, but still.... I worry for them.

I hope they will be safe.

P.S. Since we are on the subject of universal insignificance (or the exact opposite of such thing), here is another song that captures both quite well, Eric Idle's "Galaxy Song".