May 25, 2011


I have been writing quite a bit, actually, and most of it is even good stuff, but at the moment I have not much of an inkling as to what to write about here. Most of the things that are happening in the world I have written about before, and to talk about the dangers of an emerging democracy in Egypt, of the dangers of a collapsing democracy in the United States...

(if it has not already collapsed, there are many days like today, with thunderous applause to Benjamin Netanyahu in Congress, where I believe democracy in the United States is already gone, but people don't want to see it)

.. feels like merely pointing out what I have already pointed out so many times on this blog and in emal and in personal talks. If you search this blog, you will find that I have predicted exactly what is going on in Greece right now over a year ago, that I have predicted Ireland and I am a bit tired of rehashing it. It's not like people listened in the first place. I have written about paid internship, have written about the dismantling of unions, have written about the dismantling of social services all around the world, have pointed out the great lie that is the wonderful German economic recovery. All of that, over the past year or so. All of it, having turned from analysis to prediction to fact.

And to add a quick comment or to point out the obvious, well, Twitter beats writing lengthy blog posts for that, so it's not like I have been silent in the past few months. I have spoken up and have - to the best of my abilities - tried to give others a voice, too.

I have been thinking about releasing my screenplay to Safe here on this blog for several weeks now, because there is a low level civil war already on its way, and whatever fault this screenplay I wrote in 2008 has, it predicted this accurately, too. Not that anybody believed that, either.

I'm not stating this to be an arrogant bastard. Those who know me already know I am exactly that. An arrogant bastard. I'm stating it to say that I am tired and I feel somehow obligated to those few who did care to read here to explain why there is not much coming at the moment.

I'm writing. Hopefully what I am writing right now is good.

And hopefully, you shall see it soon.