September 1, 2011


Since I have been undercover (brother) for a while again, let me just say that I am hard at work on RE:TIRED, having nearly completed the first book of it (at 250 pages now, almost 55,000 words, uh, okay, didn't I tell myself that one issue of that series would run roughly 30,000 to 35,000 words? Yeah, like, try telling that to the guy who just keeps on talking... and talking)

I am very happy with how things are shaping up, well, no, happy isn't the right word. Satisfied is more likely it. Having had to undercome a serious writer's block due to personal stuff, I can now more easily access my world again. And that makes all the difference.

My friend and long-time collaborator Edo Fuijkschot has graciously said he will do the covers for the entire series, and those images will feature rather iconic images that he has worked on, while being interviewed and shit by Singapore TV on what makes a good comic.

To which I say, he does.

So, here is the development from sketch to pencil to ink of the first cover.

Looks pretty awesome, don't it?

UPDATE: I have now slotted the inked artwork into the original cover design that I made a while back, and while you cannot see how the final will look yet just yet (hey, Edo has other things to do as well, know?), it gives a decent impression on how it will all come together...