December 27, 2011


So, if you are diagnosed with cancer in the UK (and hell, pretty much in Germany as well), here's what happens...

(1) you may not lose your job (some laws still prevent that, watch them go in 2012 and 2013), but the inability to work has most people who are in cancer treatments to be on health benefits, which are incidentally quite a bit lower than what you'd make if you were able to show up at the office. And I know, I know, stupid fucking bastards for not being able to work with cancer, I mean, where's their backbone, right?

(2) Your costs of living will increase as even with health benefits a much more significant amount of money you will have to spend on your co-pay regarding drugs etc. And if you don't believe me, I don't gtive a fucking damn, because my parents -

(both of them chronically ill, with my Mum being in a dismal state after a gazillion operations, one of which removed a tennis ball sized tumor that nearly killed her after months of doctors telling her left, right and center that "there's nothing wrong with you, it's a psychological thing")

- pay roughly 250 Euro in co-pay for their medicines, co-pay, not what the drugs actually cost... every three months. And they are with their pensions about 100 Euro above the limit in which our new "awesome" and "economic" German Health Care System would cover it all.

But that's not all, kids. Your other fixed costs continue to rise as well, like rent or - more importantly - heating costs, squeezing your wallet the way the cancer squeezes your body.

Which all leads us to a news story that barely anybody has looked at, in the UK, because the English, especially under Cameron, are always a bit further in everything (and hell, they invented the Manchester Capitalism), which has cancer victims literally beg "for a little more" like Oliver Twist...
Cancer patients are becoming increasingly reliant on charity handouts to heat their homes as they struggle to pay rising fuel bills, newly-published figures have shown.
Macmillan Cancer Support said it had made one-off payments totalling £2,548,563 to 12,669 cancer patients to help with fuel costs during 2011, a sharp increase on the 7,369 patients needing similar help just five years ago.
Commenting on the rise in charity payments announced by Macmillan, its campaign manager, Laura Keely, said: "To feel too scared to put the heating on because of soaring energy bills is an unacceptable reality for thousands of vulnerable cancer patients who feel the cold more and spend long periods of time at home.

"When the charity was established 100 years ago, founder Douglas Macmillan helped cancer patients by handing out sacks of coal to keep them warm.

"It is shocking that a century on, people who are diagnosed with this devastating disease are still relying on charity help to heat their freezing homes."
Here's the truth, kids...

We all have cancer.

It's wrecking our societies.

 But hey, who cares, right?