December 24, 2011


One of the rather sad things I have learned over the course of this year... is how small the group of people is who actually give a damn.

I know, I know... why talk about it at all, I mean, could there be something more depressing? Unfortunately, I believe we have to talk about it. Or I have to talk about, but that's because I'm somewhat obsessed with a few things.

Like, one of my obsessions growing up, the more I learned about the Third Reich (not the Fourth Reich, shut up ou people in England and start learning a little more than "Churchill Was Great. We Are Awesome. Rule Britannia"), the more I wondered, how the hell could anybody let this happen?

I mean, it's so easy, right? You don't let anybody drag your neighbors away. You don't let anybody smash your neighbor's windows in. You don't let anybody torch your neighbors' stores. I mean, what the hell, right? And you definitely don't get in line with the people who do these things. Not ever. Not in a single instance.

I have been told (in numerous cases) that the majority of people were just too afraid, that they were scared for their own lives and the lives of their children, which can also be translated as If you had been in the same situation, you'd have done the same.


Too easy.

I have been told (also in numerous cases, and always by - I am terribly sorry to report - Americans and Englishmen) that there is something inherently wrong with Germans. That it could have only happened here, in my country, that there has never been anything like that ever before and not since, and so, in conclusion, it must be the German people. Case closed. Let's celebrate democracy!


Too easy.

And trust me, you don't want me to open a can of whup-ass on your countries, your cultures, your history and give you a blow by blow of the enormous amount of genocide, mass murders, war crimes and horrible atrocities that you have committed... the ones that you don't talk about, the ones that you don't teach in your history books, the ones that you have blissfully and happily drowned out in the call of But look at Germany!!!

Just... don't make me.

Because in the end, all of these arguments are essentially the same. In that they put blame on something, but avoid looking at responsibility.

It wasn't us! It was them!

Now, Germans of that Hitler generation, incidentally, love that particular delusion. I to this day find it funny that every politician of my country praises the "Wreckage Generation" that built that awesomely made "Democratic Germany" from the rubble and the ashes of World War 2. Yes, you must praise them! Right now! All of the generations that came after them! You didn't do anything near as difficult or near as heroic as that generation!

Uh. Yeah... until you think about it for more than a moment.

And I want us to do just that. Think for more than a moment. That generation was the very same generation that, uh, what was that again... started the damn war! And not to be too anal about things, let's forget about the war, they were the same generation who had no problem putting on their jack boots and their delightfully designed Hugo Boss SS uniforms and make a beeline after the Grand And Glorious F├╝hrer.

Same people, swear to god...

... which obviously means that entire generation suffered from an enormous schizophrenic delusion. They actually split themselves into two very distinct personalities. Before... and after the Nazi German rule.

 I find myself thinking about this a lot these days. As the world everywhere slips further while the "news" tells you that all is horrible and there's just not enough money to go around for you all while making the claim - at least in my country - that everything's fine, all will be well 2012, this is the best economy ever for you!

I'm thinking about it, because here's what I have learned 2011. Most people don't give a shit. Most people wouldn't give a shit if the cops appeared tomorrow at your neighbor's doorstep and took a "Jew", a "Muslim", a "Communist", a "Terrorist" away. Oh, wait, in the USA they can do that quite soon now, with the NDAA provisions snuck into the Defense Budget Bill. They can take you away, they can take your neighbor away, and they would never have to tell anybody anything, they'd never have to take responsibility for it.

It could just happen.

And most of you out there would react exactly the same way the Germans reacted during the Nazi rule.

Leave us alone, you would say.

They must have done something, you would say.

All the while thinking one thing, the same thing...

Hey, as long as I'm on the side of the winners...

For most people out there, the ones often called the "pillar of democracy", the middle class, that's what it comes down to. Being on the side of the winners. They won't support fuck all, won't support human rights, won't support justice, won't support fairness...

... as long as they don't know, know with a certainty of 99%, that this means they will be on the side of the winners. Don't believe me? Look at Egypt. Where there are the same people, the same small number of people who didn't matter prior to January 25, are still fighting for human rights and justice, with the rest of the country giving them a shrug, yeah, who cares, what's in it for us?

Look at the USA, where exactly nobody but the "Usual Suspects" give a shit about the NDAA and the SOPA bills, and when I say "the usual suspects", that's exactly who I mean, and those who belong to that group, hey, kids, you're already on the naughty list. Merry Christmas, motherfuckers.

But the rest? The ones who give willingly all of their information to Zuckerberg and pretend, delude themselves that "I have nothing to hide, I am one of the Good People"...

... they are silent. Have always been silent. Will always be silent.

Just like the Germans were.

Look at the UK, where it took Maggie's Little Bitchboy David Cameron only two things, I repeat, two things to get spiked like hell in the polls. (1) he had to tell the English that they are somehow better than the rest of Europe and that Europe is the cause of all of their problems and (2) give some bullshit about the Falklands.

And the middle class, they jump at this shit. They love to be told that they are better than somebody else, they want someone to tell them, they want that someone to be dressed in the flag and give them a sense of pride, a sense of belonging. And make no mistake, people.

It isn't the poor you can catch that way.

Especially since there's one thing a poor person knows.

And that's this... it doesn't matter who is the figurehead. Obama. Cameron. Merkel. Sarkozy. Whoever. Whatever. You were born poor, you know that - whatever they'll promise you - you will most likely die poor.

But the middle class, they support every and any system, they have no morals, they buy them at Wal Mart, wear them like Holister hoodies, follow any and all trends...

... as long as you tell them that this will make them special.

That this will make them part of the winning team.

And so, I tell you this... all of you who are silent.

I will tell you this... all of you who think they are on the winning team.

Who wait and stay quiet in the hope they will picked, picked by the 1%, by the "elite", hope that somebody notices you, that you're not going to be that poor fat kid who gets picked last, because fuck, who wants to be that fat fucker, right?...

It wasn't Hitler, it was you.

It wasn't Gaddafi, it was you.

It wasn't Milosovic, it was you.

And it isn't the 1%... it's you!