December 29, 2011


Hush! Are you hearing it?

In the Western media? You know, the one that never has reported on anything Israel has done that it couldn't excuse? Killing people? Why, it was all them terrorists! Invading other countries? Why, it was them terrorists they had to kill. Sending covert assassination groups to Dubai or into the Sudan? Why, it was them...

... you get the picture. Because, boys and girls, here is the grim truth, the world in general but the Western world in particular still regards Israel (and in its logical conclusion, Jews) as different. As people that cannot, must not, shall not be judged by the same rules, rationales as the rest of you (or us). Now, the Eastern world in general and Muslims in particular, they also think that Jews are different.

The difference? Mathematically speaking we can say those two worldviews on Jews in general and Israel in particular are simply an inversion, with the Western world giving them a (+) on any- and everything, and the Muslim world giving them all a (-).

Philosophically, we could also state that the Muslim world is stuck in the Pre-World-War 2 era, where all Jews are terrible, they run the media, the banks, the world, they are evil and must be destroyed.

Tsk. Tsk. Idiots.

The Western world doesn't fare too much better, because since the Holocaust, the Shoa, whatever the fuck you want to call this mass murder, it's Jews are under siege, in danger, and, uh, well, none of us was responsible for what happened to them during World War 2, we either didn't know or, uh, we fought it all, I mean, we did fight Hitler, right, and thus by extension we fought for the Jews, yes, that makes us the Good People, and we shall always look away and/or give any excuse for the delightful amount of human rights abuse and outright war crimes that have been perpetrated by Israel in the past decades.

Just don't remind us, okay?

Just don't say the word, okay?



Tsk. Tsk. Idiots.

We shall not go into the whole truth of the matter that not only didn't the overwhelming majority of the delightfully Good People of France, of Britain, of the Netherlands give a fuck about what happened to the Jewish neighbors in their own countries, you also don't want me to give you a blow by blow of what the USA's cultural heroes Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh among very many others thought about the Jews (those damn bankers! Those damn capitalists! Those damn communist capitalist Jews! Oh, wait, doesn't that sound familiar? Why, yes...)

As I wrote just a few posts back, we love to delude ourself, and the Allied countries, they have been living with that particular delusion of "heroism" that all of World War 2 was fought to "free and save the Jews from opporession" since the end of that last, big war fought in the Imperialism 1.0 way.

Which also helped to get the state of Israel on the map.

Can't really say "no, man, you can't have your own state, uh, oh well... okay, but only if you kinda never mention again that we didn't give a shit about you between 1933 and 1945, okay?", can you?

These two diametrically opposing, completely bullshit views have allowed Israel to play everybody against everybody for decades now, and as argumentative trump cards go, the Holocaust, no, wait, the multimedia bombardment of images from the Holocaust is hard to beat.

Kill children in Gaza? HOLOCAUST!

Take land away and break contracts? HOLOCAUST!

Let people starve? HOLOCAUST!

And again I say, idiots.

I'm going to tell you something.

Israel has no special place, no special position in the world.

Oh gosh, I know... right?

How dare I say that? HOLOCAUST!

Yeah, shut up. Or I will mandate that the Native Americans get the land in the USA back, because percentage-wise, boys and girls, we (oh no, wait, that was you!) killed more of them. I will mandate that you give back Australia to the Aborigines! Because percentrage-wise, you killed more of them.

But hey, none of you were so obsessive compulsive as the Germans under Hitler were in documenting it all so that the History Channel could run one entire month of every year nothing other than Nazi documentaries.

In world history, the Holocaust was nothing special.

And before you open your mouth to loudly protest that nowhere before had so many people been killed by a dictatorial system and that it was unique in... hush. Now look at how many people the Stalin regime murdered. At roughly the same time. Of its own people. The lowest estimate is roughly 20 million.

Yes. Let that sink in.

20 million. As the lowest estimate.

Executed or killed in concentration ca... oh, wait, gulags...

Mass murder. Nothing really special in human history.

And that is something you should actually think about.

That should scare the living fuck ot of you.

The fact that the Holocaust was nothing special, that at any given time and place, there are always enough people to support a regime, to support a system, that will enable, carry and carry out such mass murders. And hey, I am also looking at you, Turkey. Your massacred those Armenians, own the fuck up to it.

And who's read this blog before knows that this is not to excuse what the Germans did. Far from it. 

But hush... can you hear it?

Out there? In the media?

Have you read it? Heard it? Seen it?

There's talk about it. Everywhere. Hush Hush and very quietly.

Coming with a little bit of "Huh?" and "Why did nobody tell us this before?"

That gasp of disbelief that only the best "journalists" can come up with.

Hey, kids... did you hear? There's Jewish Terrorism!

Hey, not my words, but those of the IDF!

Oh noes! Say it ain't so!

But yes, Virginia, not all Jews are nice people!

... when they happened weeks ago, months ago, when the same people who spat on, who bullied, who attacked this little girl in Beit Shemesh did the same, but hey, back then it was against Palastinians, and let me point something out again, like I did in my post earlier, the majority, the silent, the moral, the whatever-the-fuck majority, they don't care when it happens to other people, but they sure as hell get rather annoyed when it happens to them.

Jewish Terrorism. Who'd have thunk?

Jewish Taliban. Who'd have thunk?

Actually, if anybody in the West had not willingly looked away, had not been buried in either guilt, political correctness and whatever else you may call it when somebody looks away (I call it moral cowardice), the rise of the Ultraorthodox Jews in the fabric of Israel and their growing influence on its policies could have been seen by a mile off.

It's those people who - with the help of Israel's government - put up their fortresses and settlements that break any and all international treaties. And hey, kids, you know something? This group, they don't even believe in the state of Israel as a democratic thing!


But they sure have been coddled, fed, hugged by an increasingly more terrorist government under Netanjahu, he needs them, he can't govern without the parties that these cultural, these religious terrorists have formed.

In the USA, that would be like the GOP getting into bed with the KKK... oh wait...

In Germany, that would be like our govt. looking away at Neo Nazis... oh wait...

In the UK it would be like Cameron shifting his shit into major nationalism mode... oh wait...

In France... oh, well, guys, you see the picture here, right?

Same as it ever was. Everywhere.

Where the powerful, the "Elite", join up with or don't look at an extremist, vile, dangerous group... because it allows them to stay in power. With most of the population being perfectly okay with it.

And to be perfectly honest?

Yes, Virginia, not only are not all Jews nice people, no, the ones that have deluded themselves to be nice, to be special... they deserve to be the targets of those Ultraorthodox Jewish Taliban, let me repeat that, yes, they deserve it...

... because they were okay with it all when the Jewish Taliban did it to their neighbors, you know, the ones living or rather existing and barely surviving, behind barbed wires in Gaza and the West Bank.

They were okay with it as long as it served their own purpose.

How does it feel now, kids?

When your rabid attack dog bites your own children?