April 29, 2012


One of the things I am working on (and have been working on, in different formats, for years) is The Cage. After my abysmal experiences in the "professional" industries like US publishing and Hollywood, I have come to the conclusion that pitching to idiots and even working for idiots is a waste of time, and in my case, I have wasted years on it, not to mention my health and quite possibly my sanity.

But I am working on The Cage, slowly and surely, for a release the way I intended, an ongoing series of limited series that will allow me to do bigger story arcs just as well as "novella" stand-alone episodes, the way old pulp serials worked, the way I had intended it to be on television.

It'll still take me a while, because as opposed to what I had envisioned with it being a TV show, in writing, I am all alone, so all the heavy lifting is on me.