April 29, 2012


Now, the reason I have been this quiet is that I have been working on things, published my German language books Asbury Park and the thriller Live through Amazon as a test run on how things work (and how to format eBooks in different ways).

I also am working very hard on getting Asbury Park out in its English version, and wouldn't you just know it, it is turning from a short novella in German to a fully fledged novel in English, which was not my intention, but sometimes, these things happen, and it's a good thing they do, although there is a part inside you that shouts, hey, weren't you supposed to be working on other things?

Yes, yes... I should and I am, but you cannot completely control your own brain, sometimes it just wanders into a place that wasn't there before, so for all of you in the rest of the world, Asbury Park: A Winter's Tale will be coming to you in the summer.

It's a fairy tale, a memoir, a lie, a tragedy and a story of hope unbroken.

And after that, there will be what is most likely my strangest mystery ever, The Church of Geppetto, about which I can't really tell you anything, other than perhaps that you will never look at another Barbie or Teddy Bear in the same way again.

I'll update this blog when I can, I may even give you a rant on world's politics here and then, if something annoys me too much, but for the most part, I will be writing (and if you do like to know what the author thinks, you can always check out me on Twitter.